I have my drugs, I have my woman. They keep away my loneliness.

Hooo, man! I'm so jumpy!

I look like a little orphan. Aw, orphan Shamae. Always shivering and jumping at the damn coo-coo clock.

Who invented those things?
YOU know? I'd like to know.

They deserve to be kicked at least once, gently on the back of their thigh.

WHY am I always SO COLD?!?!

I went to Jackson today. It's about an hour from my house. My tire is shredded, I was stranded out there for a little bit.
I was just looking for a job.
and now I'm broke and carless.
Ah the irony!


I want to go to the beach? With no worries. And someone. Anyone that wouldn't complain if I smoked when they weren't down-wind. And would let me play music that I wanted (but I'd make sure they liked it, too). And anyone that would say, "I don't know exactly how I feel about you, but I will say that I care about you." Then we could enjoy the beach together. Fun, ehhhhhh?

I got carried away tonight. Oh. well.
SO cold! If I was a guy, I'd expect shrinkage! Yah!! I SAID it.


Blogger The Short One said...

$80, you say....?

i'm screwed.

i can't get a job anywhere.

Blogger wheatable said...

shrinkage. ha ha ha. humor.

Blogger Button said...

OH shamae how I long for you. I long for like a...like a duck longs for water. visit me

Blogger thesexyswede said...

ding dong the witch is dead

Blogger Boulevardier said...

Come on Shamae, you KNOW I'm that person!!! I could've been a wizzer!!

Blogger wheatable said...

Let me give you a little brittany advice: call me.

Blogger useless organ said...

ohmygod, I need to know what song that is in your title. please?



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