"You keep the air in my lungs."

I haven't written in this for a long time.

A lot has changed.
But... yes.

I was thinking today. I would never call someone a hero unless they've actually pulled me out of something. Like... non-existance. lol. And not for guilt purposes, like, 'oh, what would they do without me'. But honest, they actually at one point worked their ass off to keep me with them. So amazing to me. A hero is someone you can't live with out. Literally! I can look up to tons of people, I can be best friends with someone.. but they can still not be my HERO. And that's okay. It shouldn't be offensive. (Kaye just flushed the toilet and she's on the phone, what the hell.) Anyway, people deserve to be recognized for what they are.

I think I'm done. My grammar is awful today. It's cold.