hey there delilah
what's it like in new york city?
i'm a thousand miles away
but girl tonight you look so pretty
yes, you do.
time square can't shine as bright as you
i swear its true.

hey there delilah
don't you worry about the distance
i'm right there if you get lonely
give this song another listen
close your eyes
listen to my voice its my disguise
i'm by your side

oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
what you do to me

hey there delilah
i know times are getting hard
but just believe me girl
someday i'll pay the bills with this guitar
we'll have it good
we'll have the life we knew we would
my word is good

hey there delilah
i've got so much left to say
if every simple song i wrote to you
would take your breath away
i'd write it all
even more in love with me youd fall
we'd have it all

oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me

a thousand miles seems pretty far
but they've got planes and trains and cars
i'd walk to you if i had no other way

our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
that none of them have felt this way

delilah i can promise you
that by the time that we get through
the world will never ever be the same
and you're to blame

hey there delilah
you be good and dont you miss me
two more years and you'll be done with school
and i'll be making history like i do
you know its all because of you
we can do whatever we want to

hey there delilah heres to you
this ones for you

oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
what you do to me


How many people, how many have died? I'm feeling lucky and afraid at the same time. How many times have you sat home and wondered why we always hear about the USA but not the other side?
In fields of agony everybody dies. How many humans, how many does it take? We get a cedar box, they get a body rake. How many lives does it take before we can end this war? Bring them home soon, they forgot what the fuck they were fighting for
...In fields of agony.

I don't want to die or be sent home on a cargo plane. A tag on my toe without my name because I'm one of a million.

How many weapons, how many do we need? What about the economy? What about the economy? You'll be the hero at the end of your catastrophe. It can't be stopped with unity with collaboration of you and me, and human decency. ...in fields of agony.


"God is just a concept, music is tangible." - Quinn Allman

Questions roll all over my mind
just like excuses off the tip of our tongues
We can't help it if we cross a few lines
What would you expect from kids so young?

I don't feel it now
but you know I still know
that sitting in this empty room doesn't mean
that I am alone.

I have a right to find out the truth
I have my reasons for feeling the way that I do.

I feel it now.
It really gets old.
I'm sick of the concepts
I want something tangible.


He's smoked out
in the back of the van,
says he's held up
with holding on...

(And on and on and on and on and on........)