For what you did to me and what I'll do to you... you get, what everyone else gets. You get a lifetime... Do you remember that day when we met? You told me this gets harder. Well, it did. I've been holding on forever. Promise me that when I'm gone, you'll kill my enemies. The damage you've inflicted - temporary wounds. I'm coming back from the dead and I'll take you home with me. I'm taking back the life you stole. We never got that far. This helps me to think all through the night. Bright lights that won't kill me now, won't tell me how. Just you and I, your starless eyes remain. Hip hip hooray for me, you talk to me. But would you kill me in my sleep? Lay still like the dead, from the razor to the rosary. We could lose ourselves and paint these walls in pitchfork red. I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take. This hole you put me in wasn't deep enough and I'm climbing out right now. You're running out of places to hide from me. When you go, just know that I will remember you. If living was the hardest part, we'll then one day be together. And in the end, we'll fall apart just like the leaves change in color. Then I will be with you. I will be there one last time now. When you go just know that I will remember you. I lost my fear of falling. I will be with you.


In a dream you take a trip down Shattuck to Durant. Up the hill, to the steps, Sproul Plaza and Telegraph. You pass Channing, you pass Derby, you go to Ashby, down to Adeleine. Take MLK to 54th and go down to Genoa. Yeah, and follow the Bart tracks ...to Harmon street.


Harmon street.
Harmon street.
Harmon street.

It's recurring. It's like a dream. I live a thousand times and it's always like the very first time.


I've got some friends, some that I hardly know
But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go

We live on front porches and swing life away.



"The world is mine, no limit, I can do it....Regret nothing. I move on and say fuck it."

"We're gonna make it on our own, we don't need anyone. Lord knows we don't need you.... Fuck the mother fucking back stabbing cunts. The ride's getting rougher, so I know I better buckle. ...Hey man, you keep the shackles, because I am free."

"His mother cries she knows that he is strong enough to die "

"When you go, just know that I will remember you. ....In the end you know we'll fall apart just like the leaves changing colors."

"Stand up fucking tall, don't let them see your back. Take my fucking hand and never trust."

"Never again and never again."

"I'm better off on my own."



We could be perfect one last night,
Die like star crossed lovers when we fight.
We can settle this affair,
If you would shed your yellow.

Take my hand and then
We'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity,
This riddle of revenge.

Please understand that it has to be this way.

up fucking tall,
don't let them see your back and
my fucking hand
and never be afraid again.

We've only got one chance to put things at an end
And cross the patron saint of switchblade fights.
You said, we're not celebrities
We spark and fade -
They die by threes

I'll make you understand
And you can trade me for an apparation

up fucking tall,
don't let them see your back and
my fucking hand
And never


You said who put the words in your head
Oh, how wrong we were to think
That immortality meant never dying.

Stand - Take my fucking hand.


It's painted on my face by now
The smell of turpentine won't take your place this time
I thought I knew how

Criminals with stolen thoughts
Poetry after the pen had dropped
Will your silence ever stop?

Last thoughts ... Forget-me-nots
A fine line from what you bought

I prettied this one up just for you
This box of ammunition's got your name on it, too
It's not kissed to be sealed

Last thoughts....
Forget me

not today.


I miss you so far.

Back home, off the run, singing songs that make you slit your wrists. It isn't that much fun staring down a loaded gun.

I miss you. I miss you so far...


If this is what you want, then fire at will.

Thank you for the venom.


Hey there, I know it's hard to feel. Like I don't care at all...where you are and how you feel... with these lights off as these wheels keep rolling on and on. Slow things down or speed them up not enough or way too much. How are you when I'm gone? I can't make it on my own, because my heart is in Ohio. So cut my wrists and black my eyes, so I can fall asleep tonight or die. Because you kill me. You know you do, you kill me well. You like it too, and I can tell. You never stop until my final breath is gone. Spare me just three last words, "I love you" is all she heard, "I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever".